The Universe is fascinating, and so are the people in it. You can read my writing, about the Universe and my experience of it, on my medium blog, including a series of 8 posts that ask, “WTF is up with the Universe?”


WTF, Universe?

Image credit: Pablo Carlos Budassi


  • Partially because the Universe makes no sense, cosmology is full of philosophical puzzles that can’t be answered within the process of science itself, which I argued in a piece for Aeon magazine: “Why cosmology without philosophy is like a ship without a hull.”

  • What is space? Axios gathered 4 experts - a philosopher, a theoretical physicist, a mathematician, and an astrophysicist (me) - to weigh in on the issue in under 200 words. My answer: space is not a thing.

  • While not technically a piece of writing, I enjoyed giving a video interview for this Mashable reel, “Journey through the Multiverse,” in which I talk about the different ways to make a multiverse and how it makes people uncomfortable.